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Beauty Spa the Green way – Going green is a responsibility more than necessity

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Beauty Spa the Green way – Going green is a responsibility more than necessity

May 17, 2018 Best Beauty Spa 0
Glory Spa full Body Oil Massage

There is a huge urge to go green for the future of our planet. Every industry, be it an automobile or a construction company, all are taking measures to go green and contribute to the future of our planet. Similarly Best Beauty Spa in South Delhi can also opt for sustainable resources and have its contribution towards the Green globe future. Glory Spa is among best beauty spa and massage center in Delhi NCR that looks to go Green.

Beauty Spa in Noida sector 18 and sustainability currently go together like a fish and a bicycle. Think about all that water that needs to be heated and filtered, smell the chlorine, never mind the acres of white robes and towels that need to be thoroughly washed every day, the plastic wrapped slippers, the plastic cups, all are leading our environment to an unstable platform.

While new top full body spa and best beauty spa centers and resorts can afford to invest in sustainable resources, older beauty spas and massage centers may take longer making the transition. So, what can we do in the meantime to make our beauty spa experience more eco?

  • Say no to plastic

What about this simple thought?? Having recycled paper cups instead of plastic cups. Although some beauty spa in Noida uses paper cups, most, in fact, a major share use plastic cups. Eight million tonnes of plastic waste goes into the oceans every year. Spas can also get through a lot of plastic swimsuit bags. Wander Wet Bags have stylish, reusable bags in various colours and sizes. Or just take your bag for life.

  • Encouraging use of one towel and robe and taking your own flip-flops.

Extra laundry pulls wasteful water, energy, and detergent bottles as well as extra carbon emissions. As the towels and robes in Beauty Spa in Noida sector 18 and Beauty Spa in South Delhi are white, so demand a hotter wash, so don’t keep grabbing clean towels but try and make yours last the day. Slippers handed out by the full body massage centers usually come in plastic bags, so save the planet and your toes and take your own flip-flops.

  • Use of Locally sourced products

Check your best body massage spa menu at Beauty Spa in South Delhi if they use words like ‘locally sourced’. This is one way of reducing the carbon footprint and along with this, it supports local businesses. This also sources an opportunity as well as being able to enjoy a fresh and unadulterated ingredient. 

  • Check your best brand at beauty spa in South Delhi

Always check the brands of full body massage oil and back therapy products used in their treatments as you visit in Beauty spa in Noida sector 18. Research over it. Nowadays, many spas in Beauty spa in Noida sector 18 and brands care about environmental impact as well as the purity of their ingredients, while some rarely care about the ingredients in the products they use. One needs to avoid sunscreen chemicals, parabens, propylene, P-phenylenediamine, BHA, BHTs, DBT, DEA, and Dioxane. All of these get washed down our plugholes and enter the ecosystem.   

  • Talk to the spa

Some back therapy massage centers have already turned green and bill themselves as Eco-Spas. They shout about their steps to conserve energy or reduce energy consumption, or any other steps to help the environment, somewhere on their website. With those not making an obvious effort, open a positive discussion on sustainability and educate them if they have any plans to improve sustainability and reduce the use of plastic in their full body to body spa centers.

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