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A ‘Full Body Spa Massage, Full Body Oil Massage, Spa Deals Near Me‘ indicates that the therapist will massage your whole body during a therapeutic massage lasting at least 50-60 minutes.That’s the amount of time needed to massage all the major areas of your body —  back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck.  Men get a nice pectoral massage, but women have to go to Europe for that.

You generally start face down and the therapist starts with your back and shoulder, then moves down the body. Once you flip over, the therapist works her way back up your body, usually ending with neck and shoulders and sometimes the scalp.

It is essential to use oil when giving a massage. It helps your hands to glide easily over the skin, so you don’t cause pulling, pinching or any kind of pain to your partner/client.

  • There are plenty of fancy (and expensive) store bought oils available, but any kind of natural oil will do just fine. For example, if you have sunflower or grape seed oil in your kitchen, you can use them for your massage. Jojoba and almond oils are also very effective and have a pleasant aroma.
  • You can add a few drops of essential oil to your massage oil. You should use pure (natural and unadulterated) essential oils, not chemical perfume oils. Be aware that essential oils can penetrate the bloodstream, so choose wisely: opt for relatively gentle oils like lavender or orange. However, you should consult a medical professional first if your partner/client is pregnant or has any serious medical conditions.
  • Try to warm the oil and your hands slightly before applying the oil to your partner/client’s skin. Cold oil/hands are not conducive to a relaxing massage!


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‘Spa near me‘ rituals are experiences that bring together myriad therapies like full body oil massage, scrubs and facials to enhance well being. Each Spa rituals is unique and customized to extent possible to invigorate, heal, nurture, care and pamper  to make a difference in one’s life. Guest could choose from various scrub options as well

Scrubs assist in the removal of impurities and rough textured skin. They also improve blood circulation, vitality and elasticity of the skin.

  • Price Range: Rs. 2200 – 6000
  • Therapy Duration: 60 – 120 min.

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